Saturday, 21 May 2016

Right People at the Right Place

                                                                           Source for image: Google

Let’s today discuss the importance of people and their places. During my childhood days like every other child I also wanted to do some of the most fascinating jobs in the world but as I grew up I realised that I never had one of the most important thing to fulfil my dream jobs dream and that was the “Skill Set”. Let's go one by one.
So initially I wanted to be a Superman (wanted to save the world) but ultimately realised that it was not possible because I was not from a different planet with super natural powers, so I gave up that dream (because of lack of skill set).
Then I felt what if I can’t be a Superman I can be a James bond (not in the movie but in my life) but later I realised that I cannot be a James Bond because I never had that agility (with extra pounds on my body) and style, even if I try to be a James Bond people will only laugh at me. Yes, I could had tried to become more flexible but that required a discipline in life, so between pranthas, ghee, lazy life on one side and a discipline one on other, I choose the former. So again I gave up that dream (because of lack of Skill set).
I was very good in Cricket (at least in the gully cricket in my area), so after giving up the dream of becoming a Superman or a James bond I finally decided to become a cricketer, I wanted to be like Adam Gilchrist or Sanath Jayasuriya but was not professionally trained neither has that kind of exposure. I remember playing with a season ball with some local professional cricketers and the ball hitting my face, then I realised that I can’t be a cricketer so again I gave up (because of lack of Skill set)
So this was my Childhood dream jobs (few among many others) which I always wanted to do but lack the skill set. But these things (childhood dreams) never really get out of your mind. I believe it happen with every human being, dreams never die, they remain inside your heart, wait for the right opportunity so that you can fulfil them. That’s probably one of the reason that whenever I travel by plane I kept on thinking what if the plane got hijacked and terrorist kill the pilots, then who will save everyone, the obvious answer is “I” as it allow me to fulfil my dream job of playing “James bond” in actual life. But the thought that I don’t know how to fly a plane spoils everything and brings me down from sky to earth, so here again I can’t fulfil my dream job in my dreams because of lack of required skill set. You must have recognised how important the skill sets are, it can make or break, it can deviate from the right track.
Let me ask you a simple question, will you be able to fly the plane if you are in the similar situation? the answer will be "no" because even if you try to (unless you are a trained pilot) you will save the people from terrorist to be killed by you. What if I say I will give you millions of rupees to fly the plane, some of you might say that I can try (just because huge money is involved) but we know the end result, you will crash the plane killing all the passengers in the plane.
Now assume your organization to be a big plane with different people playing different roles, everyone wants to be a pilot (because that’s the most important place to be), but the real question to be asked is “Do you have the required skill set to fly a plane?” because if you don’t, trust me you will take the whole organization in the wrong direction. Don’t do the mistake of accepting to fly a plane because huge money is involved, you know the end result. Giving an excuse to yourself that you were in the organization from XYZ years so you should be giving an opportunity to fly is like standing in the cockpit analysing the actual pilots (how they fly a plane) and then asking for the opportunity to fly. It will have fatal results; the worse that can happen to an organization is to choose the wrong pilots to fly the plane (organization). My aim is not to discourage but to make you analyse if you have the required the skill set before taking up any opportunity. This might help:

Accept – Accept that you don’t have the skill set (to manage an organization)
Develop – If you accept, then only you can develop. Try to develop those skill set
Pass on – Once you develop those skill set, try to pass it on to other also.

For management also (who determine who will drive the plane) it’s very important to analyse to whom they will provide this opportunity to fly the plane (manage their organization). You might never know your plane (organization) take off for one country but ended up in some other country (of not your choice).

I think I make my point fairly clear of how “Right people at the Right place” are too important for an organization. Think, analyse and act.