Sunday, 20 December 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone,
I was given the list (names) last week only and found out that you are one of those whom I have to gift something this year. I am happy to be your Santa, last year also I saw you when I came to gift something to your neighbour, it was your positive vibes that got my attention and I said to myself “What an honest human” and this year I got you. To start, its very important for you to know your Santa, yes we all are Santa’s’ but we all have been given different identity (base on area and people) so that everyone knows their Santa. So my name is (which is also my identity) Santa I(I represent the country India, normally a code has more words to it, like if Gurgaon region is allocated to me so my code will be SANTA IHG (Haryana followed by Gurgaon)) and I live in Santa Claus Village which is in Rovaniemi. There are many reasons to call this place a heaven, let me tell you what we do on a regular day at this place.

No timings: There are no watches here, so basically you can sleep anytime, and can wake yourself up anytime, breakfast is served till 12 noon, So usually I leave my bed around 11 in the morning and directly go for the breakfast (now you know from where I am getting all these fat but you know there is no threat of dying, we are the GOD, who will kill us, ha ha) but you must see Lord Ganesha here, he eat so much that his size has almost double, so Ganesha that you know is no more the same. You know the funny thing; he wanted to come along to give you a gift of his choice, I asked him to change his cloth, so the moment he went away I ordered my Reindeers to fly as quick as possible, I am sure Ganesha will fight with me once I go back but I bought his gift to give you. We (GOD) all are so happy here, we crack jokes, we make fun of others, we eat, sleep and drink together but sometimes we found it disturbing when we came to know that humans are fighting on our name. We never find the reason behind it, just want to say we all are good here, taking care of ourselves, don’t fight for us, we can fight for our right, we know the difference between right and wrong and don’t need humans to defend us (we gave birth to u and not vice versa). Oh, I went with the flow, let’s concentrate on the topic.

Interaction Session: This is one of my favourite activities here, you know every day we all (GODS’) sit with humans to listen to their stories. We (GOD) do get impressed by these stories (specially the stories of honesty, doing good to other people, standing for the right things and the things which made you proud) and let me give you a cheat sheet (because I am you Santa), these stories should not include money matters, so basically if you come and say last year I was earning X amount of money and this year I am earning XX amount of money, here it will not be counted, may be it made you proud (earning more money, more than others) but it will not make us proud. Remember money may be an influential factor in your world but here it’s not, so you will be judged on some other parameters. You know we sent you there for a purpose, I want you to find out that purpose as soon as possible and work to realise that purpose.
So this is how a typical day here in heaven comprised of. We do whatever we want to do, we eat, we talk and we sleep. You will be thinking what type of Santa I got this receive, he only talks about himself, so let me tell you what I have for you in store and my expectations.

What’s for you? – We all are impressed by the way you work on different projects, so I have asked one of my colleague who distribute gifts in those regions to talk to the CEOs to find a better opportunity for you. I will enquire from him once he will return, in case no one inform you about this by next year, please do write this in your wish list (for next Christmas).             

Expectations: You know it’s a belief that we (GOD) don’t expect anything from you (humans) because we have everything. Normally for everything humans blame GOD by saying, “We don’t know, only GOD knows”, but here even the GOD does not know who spread the rumour that GOD has no expectations (LOL). We do have expectations and as I told you earlier the money that you people use is NIL here. So even if you give all your money to me, that won’t be counted, what I am going to do with that, it’s like travelling to a foreign country and still using the Rupees for all your transactions, it will not work. What I expect from you...Hmmmm.. I want you to have high moral values, I want you to be ethical, I want you to develop the habit of saying what is right and what is wrong, I want you to take stand for people, I want you to grow, I want you to collect moments, I want you to live your life, I want you to help others, I want you to have good Karmas so that here I can tell everyone, see I am this guy Santa. You know we GOD does not make anyone rich or poor (as I already told you, here money value is zero), we just provide them life based on their Karmas, but we get hurt when people discriminate or show their power based on money, everyone has the right to live life, I expect you to help those unfortunate people (whenever, wherever possible). All in all to sum up I only want to say to do something to make me proud. In addition to what Lord Ganesha has sent you, I am giving you a watch with a promise that by next year you will collect 3 stories (that made you proud) and will write it down in the wish list that you will send to me. Don’t forget the wish list (money does not count). The watch will help you in remembering this goal of collecting 3 proud stories. It’s time for me to go to my next station. It was nice talking to you. I wish MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and bless you with a more prosperous and energetic next year.        

Yours Only
Santa Claus