Sunday, 23 August 2015

Battles are won by Fighting, not by Avoiding

Recently read a lot of books on management and tried to implement in the corporate culture of different organization and realized there is an idol condition and the actual condition and successful organization works on converting the actual conditions into idol conditions. There are points which I would like to highlight that will allow the organization to grow as a team.

Insecurity: One of the biggest road blocks in the growth of the individual as well as to the organization is the insecurities. Insecurities among people that if I will teach everything I know to others then it will harm my uniqueness. But this kind of thinking is not good for the organization. Let’s understand this with the help of an organization, suppose a senior in the organization knows 4 alphabets A,B,C,D but when it comes to teaching these 4 alphabets to juniors, he only talk about first three alphabets and keep the fourth alphabets to himself so that his uniqueness remain intact. But if we apply the same logic to senior’s senior, then he will not teach him (your senior) everything that he knows because of the same insecurity that by doing so his uniqueness will be in danger. Imagine how serious the problem is when we talk about overall growth of the organization. Every project, every task is like a battle in the organization where the ultimate aim is to win, how you can suppose to win the battle when the warriors are not equipped properly, they will use whatever have been given to them (or taught to them) to finish the battle as soon as possible, in fact they will try to avoid the situation wherever they can because no one ever make them learn these things. So insecurities among people are biggest problems in the organization and its’ the responsibility of the senior level people to create an environment where every one share and grow.

Accepting things as it is: This is also one of the big issue, this is related to “I will do whatever been taught to me, without adding any value add or without asking any question”. Continuing our example of alphabet A,B,C,D, your senior taught you about alphabet A,B and C but never taught you the relevance and importance of these three alphabets neither you ask about it. So as long as the task involved using A,B,C in that particular order things will work out, but the moment you will be ask to use any other order the problems will occur. I will not blame the upper management for this because they are interested in the completion of the task rather the process, but it’s the responsibility of those who actual complete the task to ask questions, to find out if there is a way to do the task in a better way rather to cram the thing. Accepting things as it is will affect in two ways, firstly, it will affect you growth because you are not interested in learning, and you are more interested to complete the task somehow, secondly it will not add any value in the final product. So again it’s dangerous for everyone and the organization and you will try to avoid the battle instead of fighting.
It’s very important to walk that extra mile, to go beyond what is expected from you, it’s important that you should grow that will help your organization to grow, once your organization grow, you will also grow, so you can understand that your organization growth is dependent on you and in return your growth is dependent on your organization’s growth. The moment you try to avoid things, the moment the thought comes to your mind to wrap up the work somehow that’s lethal. So remember
Be honest, Make efforts and Add value that will help you make an identity for yourself among others in your organization.

I will talk more on this in the next few blog updates.

                                                                                            Stay Blessed