Thursday, 6 February 2014

Something In Return

I always believe that we Indians are smartest among the all because we know how to do the business, we know how to deal with things, we know the shortcuts to everything that actually makes life easy and most importantly we know how to commoditize things so as to see how much money, how much satisfaction I am going to get. There is no harm in saying that we humans are interested in “Something in Return” from everything we do. Don’t know if we commoditize the air which is free then I am sure people is going to start selling it also and they are actually selling it in the name of pure air (free of pollution). But that’s perfectly alright till the time you have someone who is going to buy any useless stuff from you. I recently read a book “What money can’t buy” and seriously there is nothing which money can’t buy. But the problem starts when we try or want or apply the “Something in return” concept in our relationships. Recently I met one of my friend who was not happy because of her breakup, even though she broke up with her boyfriend two months ago but still she is in the pain and find it difficult to bring her out of that situation. I asked her the reason to which she said that she gave so much effort to the relationship, she loved her boyfriend so much but what she got in return? I understood the concept that if we divide her pain in to different parts then it must be like this

1)   Pain of not having the boyfriend (detachment)
2)   Pain of not getting something for the efforts one put
3)   Pain of wasting time
4)   Pain of not getting the opportunity to hang out with that guy who is so perfect.

And we can conclude that the pain of not getting the return which you deserve for the efforts you made in the relationship is the most. Analyze another situation, I like a girl but I won’t be saying this to her because I don’t know whether she loves me or not, but why my love is dependent on the reciprocation of my partner’s love, I love you because I love you, it’s simple as that, no expectations, there are no parameters in love, no levels which you can set according to how you are being loved by others. Expectations hurt in a relationship, I am doing efforts for you because I want to do it, I am not doing it because I want you to do it for me, it’s simply makes me happy to do things for you, to care for you. I know it’s easy to say but every woman should need to practice it, because if you see the things from a male’s side it’s very easy for them to bring themselves out of such (breakup) situations. For females, it’s not your fault that someone does not recognize your efforts, it’s their bad luck and it will be good for them to search for another guy who simply loves you and does not want something in return, tagging someone as the perfect man for you does not going to solve the problem because perfection does not simply exist in males. That’s about one relationship; let’s talk about other, particular in India the cases of female feticide is large means that parents prefer to have a male child instead of a female child and the moment they came to know that the to be born child is a girl child they go for abortion. Can we apply the logic of “SOMETHING IN RETURN” to this situation, why parents needs a male child? It’s simply because they want someone to support them during their old age now that is wrong because you want a child not because you want a child but because you want someone to take care of yours when you are old. So it’s simply the concept of SOMETHING IN RETURN, that’s why the promos and awareness are made that a girl child is not less than a male child. Accept the fact, you need a child whether it’s a boy or a girl does not matter then it’s perfectly fine, but if you need a boy child because you have specific purpose to achieve then it’s not right. I am no one to judge your intentions¸ you are the one who knows this, I just want to say that everyone has the right to live whether a girl or a boy. So don’t commoditize the relationships because in today’s world everything is revolving around something in return, let there be something in which you should not expect something in return. Give your best because that’s give you happiness not because you want something in return.