Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dreams on the Book Shelf

Life is all about learning, learning from any source, anytime about anything which adds value in your life. So after learning comes the part of giving credits to those who played an important role in your life and helped a lot in improving your life. So I have already introduced three people in my previous blog and it’s the time to introduce another person who gave me an important concept that “Dream is not something that should be decorated on the shelf, rather dreams are something that requires continuous efforts, you need to live your dreams so that they becomes a reality. We all see dreams and one of my lecturer during my graduation days told me that “Nothing happens by chance, there is surely a definitive reasons behind everything, the difference is sometimes we search for the reason and some time we don’t”. so if we apply the same logic to dreams than we can conclude that people see the dreams for the feel good factor because dreams take you away from your real life to an entirely different world, a world where you rules, which gives you happiness and the most important part is that things in the dreams happen according to your wish. But the question arises how many of us actually make efforts to convert our dreams into a reality. Let’s understand this with the help of an instance; my sister is into the habit of collecting books (be it of any kind) so that she can keep it on the shelf which is exactly opposite to her bed. So the first thing she do in the morning is to see the book shelf and I guess collecting books and keeping it gives her a satisfied feeling that she at least have the books, it does not matter whether she read the book or not, having the book in the collection matters the most. Many times it happens that she borrows the books from me for reading but the result is same, it will get showcased on the book shelf. What’s the use of collecting the books when you are not grabbing the knowledge from them? Doing the things for feel good factor will not going to fetch any result and I have seen that old books being replaced by new books but efforts were not made to read them. Now if apply the same logic to our dreams then we can relate the two concepts. We all see the dreams and they are exactly the same like having the dreams and keeping it on the shelf, but how many of us sincerely make the efforts to convert our dreams into reality. Most of us also keep the dreams for feel good factor like “oh I have the dream and one day I am going to live my dreams, but when that one day going to come? No one knows”. We our self knows our dreams and the kind of efforts that are required, but because having the dreams satisfy us so we never made that level of efforts to realize them. And with time we will give some sort of excuse to our self for not realizing the dreams and the old ones are replaced by new ones but none of them will realized. Replacing the old dreams with new will not serve the purpose rather it requires the real efforts. That’s why the concept of “DREAMS ON THE SHELF”, like books on the shelf will not going add any value or knowledge in your life, in the same way having dreams without any efforts will not going to serve any purpose.
Keep on Dreaming
Keep on making efforts
Keep on Progressing

- J.P. Singh