Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Syllabus to Clear the Exam called LIFE

I believe life is getting busy day by day and I get very less time for writing different stuff. While analyzing my day to day activity it came to my mind to define LIFE, I know it is always the tricky question to answer that is to DEFINE LIFE because our lives are moving at such a fast pace that we hardly have time to think about it. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then the weekends and the whole week pass like this and we are prepared for the next week just like that because we never plan for our life. But what to plan for when we don’t even know the define area within which we need to plan, lets understand this with two scenarios

Scenario 1 (Classroom)

Teacher enters the class to make an announcement
Teacher- Students we are going to have a surprise test any day next week and the icing on the cake is that there is no define syllabus this time, so you have to prepare yourself for the test.
Student 1- But madam what to prepare when we don’t even know the syllabus?
Teacher- Sorry but I can’t help in it; surprise test on any day next week and questions can be asked from anywhere
All the students are surprised and consulted each other how to prepare for the exam.

Scenario 2 (Classroom)

Teacher enters the class to make an announcement
Teacher- Students we are going to have a surprise test any day next week and I am going to write the syllabus on the blackboard and questions will be asked from these chapters only so you have to prepare yourself for the test.
Student 1- Ok Madam, if we know the syllabus it makes the task easy to prepare for the test even if the date of test is not known.
Teacher- I know that, that’s why we teachers decided to define the course so that it would be easy for you all to prepare for the test
All the students are relieved and started guessing the dates of exam with each other.


So after reading the above written two situations, in the first one student was confused because they never knew the outline of the course but in the second situation they were quite relieved because they know the course content from where the questions will be asked. Life is also like this, it tests you on different parameters from time to time but the question is whether we know the course content from where the questions will be asked. What is the purpose of life? How to prepare to get good marks in the test taken by life. I know it’s not easy to define the course content but I believe everyone is living to satisfy the soul and satisfaction can be of two types
      1)    Internal Satisfaction
      2)    External Satisfaction

And while you put efforts to satisfy your soul life will keep on asking different questions and judge you on different parameters. So it’s the best thing to keep in mind the work to be executed to satisfy both these internal as well as external satisfaction so that at the end the overall impact is such that it will make you happy. So let’s understand this satisfaction which more or less defines the course content of the syllabus from which life is going to ask questions from you.

It is the topic of one of the discussion during an interview where around six people were asked to define life in two words. Everyone comes up with their two words definition of life, some said life is all about happiness and sadness, some other said life is all about feelings and emotions and then someone comes up with this “life is all about earning money and doing sex (even though I usually give credits but this time I don’t want to reveal the name) to which everyone got surprised.  In the debate one normally gets two to three minutes to express his points so I would like to state what he said “Yes I believe that humans are here only for these two purposes to earn money and to do sex and rest all the things revolved around this. For example money is needed for buying material things which brings you external satisfaction, you can visit the exclusive places around the world, you can have all the luxuries of the world, you can buy facilities for all those who are dependent on you and you can bring smile on everyone’s face. Of course how one earns depends on person to person but the basic thing is that money is important and essential part of life. Ask those who do not have it and how the world treats them. But the not so good thing with money is that it is temporary, it can bring smile but for a short period, it does not make your soul happy at least not forever. So here comes the second important factor of life. I believe  everyone is agree with me that nothing can beats a good life partner who understands you, gives you freedom, stands by you, treats you like a friend, in short a perfect soul mate for you. There are things which money can’t buy like

Life partner
Raising your kids
Inculcating good values in them
Growing old with your life partner
at last raising your grandchildren’s

There can be infinite number of things that can make your soul happy. Anyone can say that it’s the costly alcohol that makes my soul happy or any other thing but here we are misunderstanding things. Even if alcohol makes your soul happy than also you need money to buy it so it comes under the first factor. My parents did it, my father earned money to fulfill his necessity, to buy things for his family and then got married to have a family and to have children. Everyone do this, analyze people around you. Everything will take you to either earning money or to have family (love, relationship, sex and children). So for me if life has to defined then it is all about earning money and having sex”
After that the guy stop talking and some other contestant started speaking.
                    Somewhere I felt that whatever the guy said was right, we all are here for these two purposes. There can be many ways to fulfill these two needs but the fact remains the same that all of us are here for these two purposes. So I develop a concept to relate these two things (Money and Sex) with Internal and External Satisfaction.

Internal Satisfaction- When we talk about internal satisfaction it is something that comes from inside, basically the things which money can’t buy. There are many things that make your soul happy, which makes you think that it is the reason why I am here on earth. You don’t want a girlfriend or a life partner for talking only, one of the reasons for having entering into a family system is the Sex because it brings internal as well as mental satisfaction.

External Satisfaction- When we talk about external satisfaction it is all about doing those things which makes you happy for short time but does not touch your souls. And money plays this role very well. This part was very well explained by that guy, you can have all the luxuries of this world but for that you want money. So money is important.

But the thing is why only these two factors because I believe whatever road you take it will end up in these two factors.
So basically if we analyze than we can see that two factors are on top and everything takes you to one of these two factors. I know people will come up with their definition of life and can contradict from these two factors but at least for me truth remains the same. Analyze the people around you, we all are here for these two purposes and everything is somehow and somewhere related to these two factors.

So the topic was the purpose of life, so I believe everyone should make efforts for these two factors, if you have a perfect life partner who is taking good care of yours than you need to focus on second factor that is to earn money and if you have plenty of money than you should focus on having a life partner that completes your life. And in case you have both these factors than please search for some other factors and bring it to my notice so that it can broaden my horizon also.

                                                                                                 --Jatender Pal Singh