Saturday, 30 November 2013

UMEED- A Ray of Hope


Hello everyone, I hope everyone s doing fine, so today let’s talk about making an impact on other’s life. Recently got an opportunity to do some social service, every year the organization to which I belong follow this activity to make its employees do some social activity so as to improve the society. From the organization’s point of view it’s a very good initiative but if we really want to make an impact on the society than such noble acts should be done on regular basis and it is the responsibility of the every individual to understand their responsibilities and help those who are not so fortunate. But it is not the topic that I want to discuss today, I will talk about focus and directions and as usual I will do this with the help of an example. So let’s continue talking about the social service, so this year as part of the organization I got an opportunity to visit a shelter home wherein small kids form villages are given shelter and shelter home takes care of their food, clothes and education, so we (group of people who went there for social service) were welcomed and to start the day the small groups of kids from the shelter home performed dance and sang song.                        
                                 I will not call them poor kids rather not so fortunate kids because I have mentioned it many times that I believe that humans were never given the opportunity to choose their life, if it was provided than no one would like to be born as a poor, so for me those kids are not so fortunate kids. So continuing where we left I saw while the kids were dancing the clothes they wore were mismatched with no combinations, some wore blue with yellow sweaters and red shoes and some other wore torn sweaters with black jeans, what I am trying to say that those kids were never given the opportunity to pick and choose their clothes, they were wearing those clothes which was donated by some fortunate people so that’s why no combination, kids wore whatever they got from the administration according to their size but what is more interesting is their confidence while dancing and singing. I was amazed to see how those kids were more focused on the activities and giving their more than 100 percent instead of concentrating on their clothes, at that moment I tried to compare my life with their life, how choosy I am while selecting my clothes. Whenever I have to meet someone or have to go anywhere, I literally scream on almost everyone like “Mother where are the socks, my tie colour is not matching with my shirt, changing shirts hundred number of times and all other tantrums” but here I am in a world where clothes and other things does not matter but what matters is to give your cent percent whatever you are doing, and believe me those kids were outstanding, the way they performed everyone gave them standing ovation with big round of applause, they certainly won the hearts, so it’s not the clothes or how you look that matters but how confident you are and what you want to achieve that matters. Life is also like this you have your targets in your mind, you want to achieve a lot but walking through the life we all gets attracted towards the whims and fancies that we usually gets off track and that’s the reason that everyone of us have big dreams but when it actually comes to realizing them very few of us are able to do that. Very often we try to focus on the lives of others forgetting our own goals and targets, see it’s easy to speak but difficult to achieve, achievement requires all kinds of sacrifices, and it requires maintaining a balance in your life. My problem is not this that you have big dreams but I get anoid when your working or conduct does not match the level of your dreams, that way you are not going to achieve your targets. So now you know that it’s not the clothes (all the stuff that gets you distracted from your goals) but the target you want to achieve that matters and how confidently you move towards achieving your dreams that matters and I know the fact that today your clothes are mismatch but go and try to achieve that level wherein whatever you wear becomes a trend or a fashion. Concentrate on your goals and put efforts in the right direction rest does not even matter.

                       उम्मीद है एक दिन सवेरा होगा
                   उम्मीद है सारा जग ही उस दिन मेरा होगा
                     उस दिन एक अस्तित्त्व मेरा भी होगा
                    क्या हुआ अगर आज कुछ नहीं मेरे पास
                  क्या हुआ अगर कोई समझता नहीं मेरी बात
                            पर फिर भी मुझे
                       उम्मीद है कि एक दिन सवेरा होगा
                     उस दिन सबकुछ अच्छा और सुन्हेरा होगा