Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Parrot And The Cage

I always believe to give the due to those who deserve it, it’s not possible to learn each and everything on its own that’s why you need people in life who can add value to your life, I try to learn as much as possible from others so whenever I learn something from others and that part of learning is shared in my articles than its my responsibility to return the due to that person, in my previous  articles I talked about two of my close friends Bhaskar and Nitin, now it’s time to return the due that I owe to my third friend “Anupriya”, last week I got a call from her and while talking to her I found that something is disturbing her, so when I insisted her to tell me the problem so she said that her mother bought a parrot from her relative and she is sad that the parrot is inside the cage, even though God has given wings to parrot so that it can fly but we humans have taken away the freedom of the birds. The only suggestion that I gave to her was to open the cage but that was not possible as the parrot belong to someone else. After the conversation one thing that came to my mind is the Humans and the Freedom, so again called my friend and asked her,

 Jatin- Anu tell me one thing, you are worried that we humans are responsible for taking away the freedom of the birds but what if the bird itself does not want to fly and lock itself inside the cage
Anu- How can that be possible? Why anyone does not want to fly when they have the potential to fly?
Jatin- Then why don’t you try to fly?
Anu- What Rubbish, how can I fly without the wings?
Jatin- Yes you can, you can fly through your dreams, through your success, create a world where the outer world does not matter, where you know what you are doing is right, be true to yourself and all this will help you in flying, remove the word impossible from your life, and start giving efforts.
Anu- It’s easy to say
Jatin- No, not at all. Just because birds have wings which everyone can see that means they can fly and we humans does not have wings so we can’t, it’s just the mind game, why there is a need to limit our self because you never know what your potential is, it’s just that we humans gets satisfied so soon that we never know our real potential. Tell me are you doing your dream job or working for the job that you always wanted to do?
Anu- No because I never got it
Jatin- No that’s not the reason rather once you got the job which was not your dream job you stopped putting efforts from your dream job because that requires extra efforts, that requires taking our self out of our comfort zones,  I feel accepting the circumstances as it is putting yourself inside the cage. I am getting 30k from the company and that’s enough for me, my company will promote me at regular interval that gives me fake satisfaction but inside my heart I know what I am capable of and what I am doing, isn’t that mean putting yourself inside the cage and locking the door? And it’s not applicable to my occupation rather it applies to each and every thing that I wanted to do but all the time wait for that opportunity but which never came or will never come.
Anu- Yes I can understand, most of us are doing this because we never get what we want that’s why we are forced to do what we get.
Jatin- You know I belong to a middle class family and one thing which is common among all the middle class people is that they never allow their children to see big dreams, they all are so happy with what they get, tell me what will happen if we try to fly, the worst could be that we will fall but the satisfaction that at least we tried to fly is far more than the injury we get once we fall. Once we stop putting efforts for our own progress and gets dependent on others is the time when we lock our self inside the cage, don’t let your dreams die, keep them alive because it’s the dreams which will provide you wings one day.
Anu- Agree, it seems nice topic to me, want to talk to you in detail regarding my dreams and their achievement, let’s catch up on Sunday evening for dinner.
Jatin- Sure, just don’t lock yourself inside the cage, speak out loud, talk about your dreams, fly high and at last I want to say one thing

Dream Big
Big Dreams bring Suffocation
Suffocation makes life difficult
Difficult life brings efforts
Efforts bring results
And results make life easy

Jatender Pal Singh