Sunday, 6 October 2013

Meeting Life- An Eye Opening Experience

           Meeting Life- An Eye Opening Experience

(Let’s understand the concept first; it has three factors BODY, SOUL and THE GOD, Body belongs to the earth whereas soul and the God belongs to the  heaven,  for better understanding assume there is a very big organization where the God is the boss so his work is to basically see the financial figures, God is bother about the end result, he wants the good work to be done at any cost otherwise he will punish the workers,  Soul is the worker who works under the GOD on the other hand body(Human being) is responsible for executing the work, now as it happens in any recruiting process of the organization Soul is directly responsible for recruiting the good bodies so that the work can be done, so from a given lot of bodies provided by the God, soul has to make a decision in which body he wants to live, once the soul picks the body, the body gets the life and is send to the earth to do some good work, if the body does not do the good work the soul will get punished from the God. At the end if the good work is not done then next time when the soul has to choose the body, at that time worst lot of bodies will be provided to the soul to pick up and live for next 60-70 years. So it’s a complete circle, God keeps the records, Soul wants the good work to be done and the body is the medium through which good work can be done, so given below is a conversation between the soul and the body in which soul has come to talk about the work that the body has executed till now and its consequences.)

Rajender enters one of the costliest bakery shops in the town

Rajender- Good Morning
Shopkeeper- Good Morning, How you are doing today?
Rajender- I am doing great, I am very happy today, you know one of the important person is coming to meet me; I am so excited to meet him, that’s why I want you to show me the best bakery products of your shop, the person is so important that money does not matter.

Shopkeeper- that’s really good Sir, come this side, I will show you the premium segment of my bakery shop.
After half an hour a satisfied man left the shop, satisfied in the sense that he bought one of the best materials from one of the best shop. After reaching home Rajender took a bath, wore the best suit from his wardrobe and sits comfortably in the drawing room. He is excited, framing different questions in the brain that he wants to ask, sometimes smiling and sometimes serious, in the meanwhile the doorbell rings. Rajender runs towards the door and opens the door.

Rajender- Hello, I was waiting for you since morning, so excited to see you.
Life- Why excited? I am your life, your part, you can meet me any time any day but you are so busy in the material things, so busy in running and keeping yourself busy that you never find the time to meet yourself and ultimately you gave your life a formal invitation to meet you over a cup of coffee. Isn’t it great?
Rajender- so annoyed on me, at least say a good hello, than we can talk on these matters.
Life- Yes I am very anoid, how it feels to call a person over a cup of coffee when the same person is living in your house but you hardly get time to meet him because you never wanted to slow down your life to say hello, you are just running, running and for a change what you do is to run a little more.
Rajender- Ok, come inside, I have bought something special for you.

After this Rajender and his life went inside and sit along with his life on a comfortable sofa to have a word.

Rajender- So now tell and please don’t start complaining, I have lot of expectations from you, so can we sit and talk like friends.
Life- Ok, I don’t have any problem, but the pain you gave to your soul, to your inner peace and life that thing hurts a lot, I can’t promise but I will try to be calm throughout this session.
Rajender- what? I don’t have any knowledge what you are talking about, but let’s change the topic, I bought something for you, let me bring that, give me five minutes.
Life- Sure, take your time, till than I will frame the questions that I need to ask from you
Rajender- Questions? Why? I don’t want it to be a self-actualization meeting, I know whatever I am doing is perfect in my eyes.
Life- Oh yeah! Who told you that? Don’t act like a victim who files the case in the court, than fight his own case than finally gives the verdict, if you have already decided than I believe there is no point in having this meeting, you believe you are happy but you don’t want to listen what your life is trying to say, so bye than.
Rajender- (Smiling), I believe you have prepared your case very well, so I surrender, we can talk on this over a cup of tea
After that Rajender went in the kitchen and came back after five minutes with tea and other stuff.

Rajender- Here I am again, I believe we can start the confession session now.
Life- No confession session, I am here to talk about those things that gave pain to your life, things that your life never wanted you to do but you still did, do you know back there in heaven it depends on the soul to choose and pick the body with which the soul is going to spend the next 60-70 years. But now I feel I took a wrong decision by selecting your body to live, I had certain expectations from you but you did exactly opposite of that.
Rajender- I am not at all understanding what you talking about, what mistakes, what pain, I did what I felt was right at any point of time, by the way I bought the most expensive snacks for you, let’s have it.
Life- Why the most expensive Snacks?  
Rajender- Because you are my life and I want to give you the best.
Life- WOW (Smiling), ME, MYSELF and MYSELF
Rajender- I didn’t get you, what exactly you are trying to say
Life- You understands everything, but as usual you just don’t want to focus on real things, I am talking about your selfish nature.
Rajender- selfish? Who? Me?
Life- yes, answer me, how many bucks you need to lead a good life, how much money you want to save, you have misunderstood the concept that everything is money but the real fun is in Sharing. How many times have you shared food, money and life with not so fortunate people, can you understand it is not their fault that they were born poor and it is not your fortune that you were provided the opportunities, it is the soul who has to select the body and it is the soul whose life you live, you know unlike you humans, we soul lives together, we all are one, so whenever a soul gets punished then he/she does not get the best bodies to choose from, so its other souls responsibility to help them once we get the birth. Now you tell me how can we help the not so fortunate souls?
Rajender- How?
Life-it’s through you only, you need to help others, but you are so busy in your so called high profile and standard life that you forget the purpose of life, at the end life is zero, start helping others, you will find internal happiness, you eat at high standard and posh restaurants, tell me how many days that happiness remains with you? May be for hours, give some money or food to someone then see for how many hours happiness is there with you.
Rajender- You want me to distribute all my wealth?
Life- No, I want you to make an effort that’s why I asked you how much money you need to have a good life, common you also know that you can do it, I believe it’s your responsibility, remember SHARE is the word.
Rajender- Ok, I will see what I can do, that’s it or you have more complaints?
Life- I have just started, long list you know, let’s talk about DREAMS
Rajender- Yeah, even I want to talk about it, why you don’t tell the GOD to fulfill all my dreams?
Life- But why should God fulfill all your dreams?
Rajender- Because I have been told so since my childhood that whenever you need something, get in a queue and ask from the GOD
Life- Have you ever made efforts to chase your dreams?
Many times
Life-Than why you are not chasing your dreams now?
Rajender- Because I lost so many times that I stopped chasing them.
Life- Than don’t beg from God to fulfill your dreams when you yourself are not faithful to your dreams, why you see such dreams when you know after sometimes you are going to give up by satisfying your brain that those dreams are unchaseable?
Rajender- I chased them many times, but was not able to fulfill them
Life- Have you heard this line that “whenever you want to make you God happy just narrate him your dreams”, it’s through us that God came to know about your dreams, even I communicated your dreams to the lord but after sometimes I found that you are not the person who is crazy about your dreams, who is willing to do anything to fulfill them, can sacrifice anything, can go to any limit but what you are best at is forgetting your dreams and saying does not matter, tomorrow I will see a new dream. I am not saying to go for the result or concentrate on the result what I am trying to say is to chase your dreams, don’t embarrass me in front of the God by making big promises at first place and then breaking such promises, start living your dreams even if you will not be able to achieve it, one day you will get satisfaction that you stayed with your wildest dream forever, you made an honest efforts to fulfill it, remember life is going to pass in any which way so why not to live it by making efforts to fulfill your dreams, EFFORTS is the word my child.
Rajender- I can understand that, it’s easy to speak big-big words in front of others but it’s difficult to follow, I will start living with my dreams.
Life- Unless and until your brain starts manipulating the things.
Rajender- What do you mean by that?
Life- Bring harmony in your heart and brain, you know there is a heart who knows the things better than the brain, heart knows the reality but it’s the brain which manipulates the things, whenever you fail to chase your dreams, your heart will tell you that it’s time to start fresh but your brain will search for comforts, it’s easy to follow the bad practice because bad things always give pleasure, but before indulging yourself in such an activity ask your heart, your heart will give you the honest reply but whenever your brain is involved than it will search for easy things by giving you reasons, mind always manipulates, bring harmony in both, that will give you ultimate happiness, talk to your heart, give some time to your life, life is all about INTERNAL HAPPINESS and not about running, think about it “
Rajender- I will certainly do that

Suddenly the ring bells, it is the alarm clock, Rajender switches off the alarm and went into a deep thought about the dream that he saw few in his dreams about “MEETING LIFE”.


                                                                                   God bless