Sunday, 22 September 2013

Leaders Lead From behind, Oh Really?

We Indians are so enthusiastic to show our leadership qualities that we are so sure about our self-ki kuch bane ya na bane leader toh banenge hi and the moment someone asked
Beta, Bade Hokar kya banoge? (What you want to become once you grow up)
The reply you can expect is- I want to be a good leader, a team player. And the parents feel  so proud whenever their children shows some leadership traits, and the most common thing about Indians are that they starts practising Leadership from the childhood, we can have few examples that will highlight some of the childhood leadership traits like when they play the game of cricket they always comes up with, “Bat mera hai toh pehle batting main hi krunga” (it’s my bat so I will bat first) or the leadership quality that a child shows to manipulate the situation by doing all the tantrums that he will not eat this or that food and ultimately parents have to agree with what the child says. So this the leadership qualities for which the sessions starts in the childhood. The pressure also comes from the side of the elders “Beta tumhe class mein first hi aana hai (You have to be the first rank holder in the class), so the mindset is that whenever we are asked the position of the leader, the answer will be “Leader always lead from the front” and we can do a long debate on that by giving hell lot of examples (leaders) from different parts of the globe which compels you to agree, YES LEADERS LEAD FROM THE FRONT. Even in the school it is assume that the one who sits in the front desk is the brightest child of the class and is a leader and the one who sits at the last desk is the most notorious child and will not make anything out of his life. So teachers always see such kind of last bench student as if he has done some crime, I had faced this throughout my student life because I was never the front desk guy, days on which I had to sit at the front desk were the worst days of my life because last seats were already full, I felt as completely lost at that time but that does not mean I was not into studies or I always thought about doing all the bad things that one can do. I know we are bought with a particular type of thinking and we all are proud of that but I just want to ask one thing
“What is the position of a Leader? Is it Front, Middle or the last? Is it important to be a leader all the time? Is it more important to prove that you are a leader or to accept and show your real self?

We will (Yes we all will) try to answer these questions but right now I can tell you my point of view, while growing up like all I also don’t want to be a usual/regular guy, I accept being called as a mad person or cracked head rather than being tagged as a normal usual guy, so whenever someone tells me “this is a normal thing and everyone do like this” first thing that comes to my mind is “WHY”, I don’t want to do that way, I don’t want to follow any one, I want to make my own roads even if that will end up in hell(yes I took lots of bad decision but they always taught me something new) but will make me happy that it was created by me, so when I was growing up I had a problem to the sentence that leaders lead from the front(Because everyone believes so) and few questions always comes to my mind, why there is a need to fix the position of a leader? Why not leading from the middle or the behind? I always said there is no absolute right no absolute wrong but everything has a shades of grey, so I develop some concepts to fix the position of the leader.
Let’s try to find the flaws in leading from the front, remember the movie “Sholay”, the movie has a scene where the Jailer said “Adhe idhar jao Aadhe udhar jao Banki mere piche aao” (Half go left, half go right rest follow me) and there was no one to follow him because out of the total, half went to the left half went to right and there was no one to follow him. So you don’t want to be a leader who is leading from the front but does not have any information about the followers. That’s the advantage of leading from the behind, you can have an eye on each and every person, so whenever my teacher asked me “Why you always sit at the back promptly comes the reply, “Leaders lead from behind” and it never bothered me what my teacher thinks about me whether I am a good student or a bad student. Another thing which I notice about the people at the back seats were their experimental minds, because people at the back are ready to experiment things, people at the back always believe and search for the word “JUGAAD”. So never neglect a child because he is not doing what you want from him, some are here not to become a leader or not to become a follower rather they just want happiness, so these are the takings from whatever I said above

1) Its not always true that people at the back will not make anything out of their life.
2) People at the back are experimental (some of them hardly study, so when you sit with them you can learn a lot of things)
3) I got the opportunity to prove to my teachers that I was not that bad at school
4) The best brain can be found at the last benches (Abdul Kalam)
5) Internal Happiness matters a lot.

Now we come to the most important part, WHY THERE IS A NEED TO FIX THE POSITION?
It’s the problem of accepting the fact and the problem of taking extra burden on the shoulder, the burden of expectations of our parents, our relatives and near ones who just want to see us to be a leader. It’s the problem of accepting the fact that I can be a follower (what’s wrong in that, ego problem?), I can also say that I want to do something different in which I am not bother about who is the leader but acceptance is the key word, in all this cat race of “KAUN BANEGA LEADER” somewhere I lost my identity, I lost my happiness because there is a continuous pressure on me to leave everyone behind and to dominate. Don’t do that, accept the fact, listen to your heart because your heart knows well what you want to do, what you want to be. There is nothing wrong in aiming to be a leader but not at the cost of your happiness, I personally know many people who want to be something else but doing something else and ends up doing something third thing. Don’t carry that extra burden, fix your position, whatever may be either within the group or outside the group, don’t wait for someone to follow you or for someone to tell you the directions, just follow your heart and be happy always.

                                                                                                            Bless All