Wednesday, 4 September 2013

It’s not my fault`

I don’t even know whether to write on this topic or not because when you are living in a country where the number of people living below the poverty line is a huge number (not going by the government data, it’s I believe so) than those who are fortunate to have three times meals should have a soft corner for those who does not but when you live a college life or sharing room with some other than you come to know that the reality is something different, even I got the chance to know few of my roommates and sometimes the activities performed by them compel me to ask “WHY”, when you get resources more than what you actually that does not mean that gives you the opportunity to waste the resources, I will come to that point but firstly let me narrate you three situations about three people, it’s a real life story (I am not giving the names of the person because even I don’t know  their names, I was just the spectator over there who was watching all this)

1st Instance

Person X- How much for the NANGLOI? (Nangloi is a place in Delhi)

Conductor- its 20 rupees

Person X – Can you take 10 instead of 20 and drop me there?

Conductor- No, it’s the government rate and I will be charging that only

Person X- Please, after working the whole I only get rupees 50, if I am going to give you 20 out of that it would be difficult for me to purchase food for my children who are waiting for me and then I also need money to come to work tomorrow, please do something

Conductor- I can’t help in this matter, I have to give you a 20 rupees ticket and if I charge you 10 that mean the remaining money will be charged from me, so either buy the ticket or leave the bus

Person X- OK, give me a ticket for rupees 10 and tell me where I have to leave the bus or the place till the ticket last and from there I will go by walk, I don’t have any other option because my children are waiting for me to bring food for them, it’s a small sacrifice for them.

2nd Instance

Person Z- Bhaiji, take this money and deposit it in my account and give me a packet of glucose biscuit

Ramesh- Here take this, your total deposit till date is 2500 rupees, and 4 rupees you have to give for the glucose biscuit.

Then the person gives the money and went away

 Me- Why that person is eating a glucose biscuit instead of having a full meal (Dinner)

Ramesh- He is sitting outside, go and ask him

Then I decided to have a word with this guy

Me- Hello bhaiya, how are you?

Person Z- Hello, I am good, you tell

Me- I am also good, can I buy you some food?

Person Z- No, I don’t want my habits to get spoiled, I am fine with this biscuit packet

Me-You don’t have to pay for it, it’s from my side  

Person Z- But I still don’t want it

ME- But eating a packet of biscuit on a regular basis in place of a full nutritional value meal can seriously affect your body and moreover does it seriously satisfy your hunger?

Person Z- Don’t know about that but know that if I am not going to save the money my family in the village going to die of hunger, so I sacrifice things so that they can have a happy life, I earned that 2500 over a period of 6 months and assume if I eat food regularly than I am not going to save even a single rupees, I can’t see my children going empty stomach to bed.

Me- I can imagine that and let me tell you as a father and as a head of the family you are doing a tremendous work, sacrificing things for your family, one day your children will be proud of you.

3rd Instance

Me- Why are you crying?

Person Y- Conductor charge me a 10 rupees ticket

Me- So what’s the problem in that?

Person Y- I am going to the hospital, my mother is admitted there, I left home with rupees 10 only (the only money I had), I thought the place from where I am taking the bus it would only take 5 rupees to reach the hospital and 5 rupees to come back but now the conductor has given me a ticket of 10 rupees now I don’t have money to return

Me- Common, it’s just the matter of 5 rupees, you people cry for 5, when I park my vehicle somewhere the parking guy charge me 10-15 rupees and you crying for this, it’s such a small amount

Person Y-  May be for you it’s a small money but for me it was enough to have my whole day food, today when I woke up I thought I had enough money to buy food for the whole day but then suddenly something happened to my mother.

In the meantime conductor came and gave a 5 rupees note to that guy and said

Conductor- “Next time before taking the ticket ask the price of the ticket because once the ticket is made it will be charge on you, today I am bearing this extra 5 rupees but may be not everyone will do this, so be careful

Person Y- Thank You Sahib and a smile came on that person’s face.


So what we learn from these 3 short stories, may be you don’t need your food or maybe you don’t value your food and waste more than you eat or may be a you are a son or daughter of a millionaire or a billionaire but that does not gives the authority to waste food, I know you are paying for your food but I think it’s the time to stand for all those poor people who need your help to get three times food, I always said don’t be so proud of the life that you get, it’s not yours, you are no one to take decision on this life, I always ask two question from myself

     1)    In which family to born

2)    And when to die

And I always got the answer “I don’t know” because to be honest even though both these decisions are vital decisions of my life but no one ask me about these then you can realize your worth in this life, in the same way a poor is a poor not because he chooses to be but he was never given an option, so please change the outlook towards poor people, they don’t need your money but you can always help, I don’t want to sound like someone’s father or a mother but people need us, help them, even a smile can work, give them a smile and see the response, it will give them the feeling that someone is caring for them. May be today you are fortunate enough but remember every day is not a Sunday, help them, share your food and smile

In a country where the government efforts fail it’s the time to unite and look for those who really needs us


Always remember smile always works


                                                                                                  God Bless