Sunday, 11 August 2013

What’s next My Son?

Its 9:30 in the morning and “J” (name of the Character) enters the room
Excuse me I have an appointment
Receptionist- Wait on sir, let me check, name “J”, appointment with Dr. “S”, the best psychologist in the town, you are at right place sir for all your problems, just go straight and you will see a name plate, that’s the room of Dr. “S”, he will be there in ten minutes.
J went to the room and waited there, in few minutes doctor entered the room
S- Hello Mr. J, how you feeling today
J- Hello Doctor, I am good, how are you
S- that’s really good for you, but bad for me, if no one has any problem than I believe I will starve to death.
J- Don’t worry doctor, that’s not possible
S- I was joking, so tell me what the problem that you are facing is?
J- Its a voice that I continuously hear whether I am sleeping, eating, doing my office stuff or anything else.
S- And what that voice said to you?
J- Just four words “What’s next my Son”
S- So what’s the problem in that, I mean how this four words affecting you
J- it’s the problem of satisfaction, I mean if I give my best to everything even than I heard this sound “What’s next my son”, this voice never let me relax, never allow me to be proud of myself, my work, this four letter words keeps me on my feet and compel me to keep on walking and there is a kind of dissatisfaction from inside, people come and praise my work but I know that there will be a voice asking me What’s next my Son and just to keep that voice satisfied I keep on doing new things, keep on dreaming new things, keep on achieving new targets because I knew it from inside that the moment I stop putting efforts there will be this voice coming asking me, “What’s next my Son”?
S- So what you think who’s the person behind this?
J- I believe it’s my dad; I lost him 4 years back
S- But why he wants you to be remain dissatisfied?
J- That’s what I am searching for? My father always wanted me to be the best in whatever I do; being from a middle class family the only tool that we had to have a bright future was the tool of education, I still remember my father used to spend a large portion of his salary on my education, going pillar to post to get the best of books from me, but the day I stand on my feet and started earning I lost my father, it’s like someone has planted a tree and the day tree is available for fruits the person who planted that tree is no more there.
S- but that’s life Mr. J, you don’t have any control over it rather you need to accept the fact people have to go one day.
J- I accept that fact but still I am fighting an internal war, you know the problem is my belief, I feel that one day  when I am going to die, I will meet my father that day and that day my father is going to ask me, son show me the report card, what else you have done after I left you, so I keep on doing new things just to satisfy the soul of my father and the moment I stop doing that there is a voice, “What next my son”?
S- So is it good or bad?
J- both, it has both the angle, good for my personal growth, from the knowledge prospective point of view, for exploring new things, trying new things, but bad from the point that I am searching for new things 24*7, I am trying to satisfy a person who is no more here.
S- But don’t you think everyone needs this kind of motivational power who will insist you to go that extra mile, to always search for the perfection keeping in mind that there is no such word but you will still search for that so that you keep on running. You know there are very less humans who are never satisfied, so just to satisfy them self they go for that extra mile but to go for that extra mile you need someone to push you, you got that in the form of that voice, you can use that thing to leave a mark in your life and trust me one day your father will be satisfied, day when this voice will not be any more.
J- I am understanding this thing and running from the past 4 years just to satisfy that voice but sometimes you feel not motivated enough, especially when you sit and think that you also have to die one day than why this extra mile, just spend your life with whatever you have at least your life will be a relaxed one
S- That’s totally your call Mr. J, but still I will suggest you to keep wearing your running shoes and run because very few people are there who knows what exactly they want from life, you know you are born, you go to school, complete your education than 9-5 job, marriage, children, raising them up, their marriage and then you will die, either they don’t have goals in life or goals are so small that they get satisfied so soon and compromise with their circumstances, don’t let that happen with your life, you have a target that is to satisfy that voice, so just keep on running, you never know where will you end up, and whenever you feel that you need to discuss or negative thoughts are getting high than I am always there to help you, but KEEP ON RUNNING.
J- I will doctor, I don’t want to face my father as a failure, I don’t want to make it difficult to not to see into my dad’s eye and make direct contact just because I was a looser in my life, I will keep on running so that the day I meet my father I will get a hug from him with words
GOOD JOB DONE MY SON, so I will KEEP ON RUNNING., thanks for your time doctor, will be in your touch, bye.

At the end I(writer of this article) can only suggest to find some force( that can be anything) which will keep you motivated to keep on running, that voice can be What’s next my son or can be anything but the most important thing is to keep on running. So