Tuesday, 2 July 2013


We are living in an era of modern age where in kids are so advance and curious that they want to know about each and everything, one frequently asked question from them are “Mother, how kids are born?”, to which no parent has a clear cut answer, but with the changing time if this question is also changed from “How Kids are born?” to “Why I am born at your house?” Who decide this where one will take birth” than also probably every parent won't have a clear cut answer. By the way it’s an interesting question, many time I have seen daughter of my house maid coming along with her just to help her mother in the work, very often I thought what she has done that I have books in my hand and she has a broom, even asked her if she is interested in studies and enthusiastically she answered yes but her conditions won't allow her to study, she has to help her mother so that her mother will be able to do work at more number of houses so that they finally get the food, this is life, these  things are all around us, the child who distribute the tea in the offices, who iron our clothes, who pick the garbage, stands outside the temples to get some food, I found some articles on this topic to find the answer, there is nothing called as black and nothing called as white, everything has a shades of grey, so I tried to find the answers on the basis of Karmas which actually give answers to some of the question and establish a link what we do and what we get, I am not saying that everyone should follow it, but just keep in mind this theory of Karmas and use it/check it by analysing the life of others(what they are doing and what they are getting), I usually do it and got some answers and now firmly believes that Karmas exist and you will reap whatever you sow

Basically Karmas are of three types

                            1) Past Karmas (Karmas of past birth)
                              2) Present Karmas (Karmas of Present time)
                              3) Future Karmas (Karmas of your future time)

We will try to understand all these one by one but before doing that everyone should divide their life in two parts, let’s take my life, suppose I am going to live for 50 years in my present birth, so divide it into two parts, say 25 years and 25 years (I m taking the two equal parts but this proportion can be any number, 10% in the first half and 90% in the second half, no one can confirm these numbers, but for the sake of understanding I divide my life in two equal part)

Past karmas

Past Karmas means Karmas of last birth which decide the birth in our present life basically the questions like the family in which we take birth, our father, mother, relatives and opportunities, while growing up I always ask myself a question, who decide this that Abhishek Bachchan is born as a son to Amitabh Bachchan (I am taking an Indian example, otherwise the same question can be ask about the children of Bill gates), than there are children born in the middle class families and children born in a poor family, so it’s the Karmas of your past birth which decides the family of your birth, now we will talk about the opportunities, those who are born with a golden spoon have ample opportunities in their life whether they take advantage of their opportunities again depends on the karmas, middle class people has only tool in their hand that is the tool of education, so lucky are those who get the education (again decided by the karmas), on the other hand we have number of examples where in children born in a poor house make it large in their life in the later part again it’s the karmas, so basically if you have good karmas of past life your start in this birth will be good and if you have bad karmas then you will be punished in this birth, in between is the moderate karmas, in which you will be punished initially(birth in a poor family or no opportunities) but opportunities will come to you in that later part.

Karmas of Present Birth

Now I will make you understand why I divided my life in two equal parts, suppose I was born in a poor family with no opportunity but still I tried to do good things in life, like helping others, not to harm other and doing good deeds, like sharing my resources whatever I have than my good Karmas will be stored and the moment my bad karmas of past birth end, good karmas of this earth will reap me good result, that’s why I took 25 years, means my bad Karmas of past birth will end in 25 years and the moment it will end, life will start giving me good result, that’s why it is important to always do good deeds, keep a smile on your face, always try to help other because it will reap good result today or tomorrow.

Karmas of Future Birth

Now I am 26 years old, meaning thereby that Karma of my past birth will come to an end and life will provide me opportunities on that basis of good karmas that I have collected in the first 25 years of my life. So in the next 25 years again I am going to collect some Karma which can be good or bad but where it will be use as I already told my age is up to 50 years, this one is an important question because the karmas that I collected in my first 25 years of life is used in the second half of my life, but where will I use my Karmas of second part, it will be used in deciding my next birth. So it’s kind of vicious circle where in Karmas of your past life decide your present birth and Karmas of your present birth decides your next birth.
don't know how much truth is there in this theory but when I apply this on living beings around me I got some answers and that satisfy me, we can compare the life of old people, there are some who are living a good life, their children take good care of them because they have earned good Karmas in the second half of their life and there are some who are living their lives in the old age home with no one to take care. Again saying don't blindly follow this but try to analyse the life of others and you will get the answer, it’s all about Karmas baby some understand and some just smile and keep on collecting the bad one.

Duty of the GOD

It’s an important question that if everything is Karmas than what is the duty of the GOD; I believe the duty of the GOD is of the book keeping. Like any accountant who keeps the books of accounts up to date, GOD also do one thing that is to keep the record of Karmas up to date, I don’t think GOD has the power to change anything, abhi ek bhagwan kya kya sambhale, haemin birth bhi de, hamare sune bhi, uske pass pta nai kitni request jaati hogi so usne bhi yeh rule bana dia hoga ki main kuch nai kar sakta, khud apne karma earn karo aur khud apni life jeeyo, ganda kam matlab gande karma, acha kam matlab ache karma, abhi kuch kuch yeh theory theekbhi baithti hai. So going to temples will not reap you good results or fulfil your wishes if you are earning bad karmas because helping hands are better than praying lips.

Like every theory these theories also has some flaws and I am still searching for some answers, if some of you get these please contact me otherwise like everyone believes that after death we all go to heaven (no one wants to go to hell), I will ask these questions from the supreme face to face.

1) Why should I will be punished for the past karmas in this birth when I don't even know what I did in my last birth?

2) If God is the universal father and we all are his children than why he punish us, no parents want to punish their children however wrong they are, instead God should make us understand rather punishing us
3) Should I follow the rule of Karmas or should I follow you (God) because people in India can waste millions of rupees in trying to impress you but don’t want to give food, clothes and shelter to the needy ones.

So it is my humble request to everyone that not to ignore your Karmas, lead a kind of a life which will provide a new energy to other because at the end

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