Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Third Front: India is leading towards a Nation of utter Confusion and Stagnancy

Indian news channels now days are busy in debating on the topic of third front by calling members of different parties who present their views why their party is going to play an important role in the coming elections. While they all are busy in putting allegations on each other, I personally feel that if there is going to be a third front than India will be a state of confusion with every state party only thinking about the welfare of the people of their state only and ultimately no one will work in one direction that is the progress of India. Why I am saying that it will be a state of utter confusion because these politicians belonging from different parties does not have unanimity of thoughts, they just come together so as to be in the power, the stability of such third front can also be question on the basis of clashes of thoughts as we can see in the case of Nitish Kumar separating himself from the NDA. First we have to understand the meaning of third front than we will understand its consequences.

Third Front-  we, who so ever is an Indian must have heard about the game of Cricket, it is not wrong to call us a Cricket maniac because we are such a diehard fans of the Game that we don’t want to miss it even if the matches are fixed, but this is not the topic, most of us in our childhood had played this game, I still remember how each and every child has to bring some equipment in order to play the game of cricket, to play the game you need to have 6 wickets, 2 bales, a bat, a ball and other safety equipment, for a child it was difficult to have all the necessary equipments to play, so the solution was pooling of interest, here the interest is to play the game of cricket which everyone enjoys that’s why everyone brings something, more important equipment one brings becomes the more important player of the evening, for example the most important thing in a game of cricket is the ball and a bat, so the child who bring these two equipment is the important player and everyone will listen to him. Now apply the same rule in the game of politics, here the interest is to be in the power at any cost, but the problem is that if you want to be in the power you need to have majority of votes but it is difficult for any party to get that so here the third front plays an important role where the parties whose thinking even does not match and can be called as the opposite player comes together for the majority so that they can be in the power, this is the Nasha of the power.
                                But what’s the problem in third front, we all know it’s politics where there is no religion and people come together just to be in the power but I am more worried about stability of such third front and the future of India. Let me tell you a story, Lion is the king of jungle, once the lion consulted its secretary that why the animals are not happy, secretary replied that all the animals feels that they are living in under autocratic rule where those who are in power are not elected by the animals of the jungle, they want election to be held so that they can choose their leader, but Lion don’t want to give up so after hearing the secretary lion suggested that if all the animal unanimously proved(more than 75%) that they are on one side and want to form the party than I will do whatever they say. Now the problem is to prove the majority because in jungle there are animals who eats each other but without convincing each other it is not possible to have democratic way, so they all decided that all the animals will come together in spite of the fact that all of them are opposite to each other(to taste the power), so finally they proved the majority and formed the party but one day a news was spread that tiger has eaten a deer(they both belong to the same party) which we called as ego clashes as happened in the case of Mamta didi and UPA , but I don’t think that tiger had any other option because when you bring two people together who are different in ideology this is bound to happen, so all the deer started saying that they don’t want to be the part of this party and finally came out of such coalition(deer’s were in larger number, their presence was needed to form the party) and party lost its identity. I am afraid this is also going to happen in case of third front, that’s why thinking about the stability of such third front.
                   One more thing is about the ideology of such political parties, we all know that in our country our politicians fight on the basis of state politics, those who are favourable in the state are given the chances, that’s why in most of the cases we have two parties in every state which competes with each other, in UP we have Mayawati and Mulayam Singh, if Mayawati is elected than she will be interested in spending the money on parks which ultimately will be use for marriages and if Mulayam Singh is elected than in one of the  manifesto his party suggested to ban English and not to use the computers, god knows how it will bring growth to the nation, in Kolkata we have Mamta didi, same Mamta who was against the FDI recently(which is badly needed in our country) and went against the UPA government, in Punjab we have Akali Dal who still wants to get votes by bringing again and again 1984 issues of Sikh riots than we have leftist who thinks that all the rich people are culprits in this country, we forget to mention about Congress and BJP, we have seen the working of Congress in recent time, I believe last 5 years was the most corrupt years for our country and the icing on the cake is that the leader is lost somewhere, it is the perfect time for BJP to gain the confidence of the people of this country but I guess all the party member of BJP are too busy in fighting their internal matters and to prove who is communist and who is secular. Some hopes was given by Kejriwal but don’t know where he is lost now, whatever Kejriwal did (by bringing Scams in the eyes of the public) was perfect, at least he was there in front of the public but the day he decided to fight against the Chief Minister of this country God knows where Kejriwal is hiding himself, I believe he is preparing himself for third world war.
                   To elect one government is necessary for this country, government who is clear in the thought process and will work in one direction that is the growth of this country, India as a country has lots of potential and it’s the responsibility of elected members to bring the country on right track. If government is elected through third front I believe all the important matters will take a back seat and it will be a period of Roothna and Manana.
God Bless India