Monday, 20 May 2013

"WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!"

The Contest is very interesting as it provides me the opportunity to bring out my inner self, some hidden things which I always wanted to speak with people some of whom are dead and some are alive and connect to those through we chat and express my feelings. So I have to pick 5 people, so my option would be my father whom I lost in 2009 then next person would be my mother, third one would be the God, fourth one is my ex- girlfriend and the last one is not a particular person but want to address the world at large, all those who were not there at the time of needs and all those who supported me.

My Dad

Dad it was unfair on your part to leave me at that time, I know things were not in your hand also, but think about me, I was only 21, freshly out of the college, that was the time when a child needs his father the most in terms of future guidance, what to do and what not to do. I also want to say sorry to you that I was not been able to do anything for your good health, if it would have been in my hand, I would had shared your illness with me, you went blind in 2005, then got your kidneys failed in 2007, went for dialysis, the most painful thing wherein doctors put thousand of needles in your body and because of your blindness you were not been able to react, it was all surprise for you, you kept on lying on bed and you were a piece of research for the doctors, Dad I also want to confess that I was really scared the moment doctor started saying that you will not live for many days and your end is near, I didn’t even knew how to react, what I am going to do without you, you were lying there in front of me but I knew that you were no going to be there for many days. I am sorry Dad but nothing was in my hand, I also want to complain that it really demotivated me whenever you talked about death and said to burn you alive because you were so hopeless and tired that you never wanted to live but what about our efforts dad, we were giving our best, taking you from one hospital to another with hopes that you will survive. You are not there today Dad but I still miss you; want to thank you for making the man of principle and values. Love you DAD.

My Mother

Through this We Chat platform I just want to convey to my mother that don’t be scared of the circumstances and the conditions, your husband has left you in between after showing a lot of dreams of a good house and a good life but your son is still there, he will give his best to fulfil all your dreams and will not sit peacefully till the time he sees that sigh of relief and smile on your face. I know life is tough but keep your hopes alive, your son will rise one day
Love you Maa

The God

Through We Chat I want to ask GOD that what so special in me that he is behind me putting all kinds of hurdles in my life. One more thing I would like to ask, Is Karma do matters and all your decision are based on these KARMAS because if it is than I can understand that I would have been punished for my misdeeds( may be in this birth or may be in the last birth which I don’t remember) but if it is not than I would like to know on what parameters you decide the kind of life to be given to the people, some are poor, some are super rich, some are struggling, some are happy, some are sad, on what parameters you decide all this. And I also want to say thanks for giving me these tough conditions because these circumstances makes me a tough man and brought in me a lot of maturity and hope that you will be there to guide me in future also.

My Ex- Girlfriend

I know we are not together anymore and I don’t want to discuss why we are not together but wanted to thank you for supporting me at that tough time, if you were not there I would have gone mad, things were happening on their own, studies were not on track, was out of money, dad expired during that time, future was a complete blank in short life was in complete mess, but you hold my hand at that time, it was just because of you that I forget my conditions and started rebuilding my life. At that time I always tried to find reasons to be with you because with you life was completely different and through this platform I want to say thanks for supporting me, you still have a special place in my heart and I can do anything for you for that support and love.

To the world

To the world I want to say that may be conditions and circumstances were not in favour but that does not mean I am out of the game, I will certainly come back may take a little more time but will certainly not quit. I also want to thank those who were there to support me during my tough times and want to thank those relatives who stood there as an audience but never tried to help, thank you from the core of my heart for making me a rebel who will fight ill the end but will never compromise
                             Thank you Indi blogger and WE Chat for providing me this platform so that I can bring out my inner thoughts which are there in my mind but never wanted to discuss because to be honest I never found a platform to speak such things, I can’t share these things with my mother that I also feel scared and felt like cheated by life because she is already broken from inside, but a bit relieved today after writing this

God Bless You All