Sunday, 13 January 2013

Part 1


All the teachers are respected but there are few whom you can never forget, among them and one of my favourite is Mr. Srivastava, my maths teacher, still remembered some of the words said by him in one of his class

“Dekho bacho, tum sabme se kuch afsar(officer) banenge aur kuch chaprasi*(Peon), ab yeh tum logo ne decide karna hai ki tumne kya banna haikyunki saare ke saare afsar nai ban sakte”.

*the word Peon here is used in contrast to a situation where in one is not been able to realise his/her dream and trying to fulfil someone else's dreams

It’s a true fact but what I feel is that we never realised the importance of the education in our life because we always relate studies with money and profession. The role that education play in our life is way beyond, padhoge toh kuch ban jaoge, nai banoge toh kuch nai, but the reality is that to earn money education is not the pre-required condition, yes educations do make our life easy but by just relating it to money I think we are insulting and disrespecting the role of education.

Yaar pta nai kab yeh padhai khatam hogi, kab meri naukri lagegi?
(the statement normally heard from the young generation showing their mind set as if education is a kind of compulsion and they want to get rid of it as soon as possible.)

Pagal hai kya, mere bas ki nai hai aur padhai karna, itni kar li bahut hai
(another statement showing how desperately the student waiting for the time where his studies will come to an end)

Aur kitna padhna hoga?
(simple, I don’t want to study but I don’t have any other option)

I don’t know who is right and who is wrong but I feel it’s a wrong inculcation of thought that the only role of the education is to provide you a platform in short just a good job,time for self analysis, how many of us think of this limiting the role of the education and actually want to get rid of this education as soon as possible.

I have two very important points to make
Can we compare the role of the education in our life with our parents?
I feel education play a crucial, important and sometimes a better role than our parents

One takes you into this world.
One look after for you in the real world,
Gives you name, their identity
Provides you your own identity.
Provides you the best of all the facilities so that you can achieve your aims.
Helps you in realising your dreams
Stand by you whether you are right or wrong.
Makes you fit for the society.
Teaches you first alphabet of your life.
Broaden your thinking process.
Does not want anything in returns except your happiness.
Does not want anything in return.
Parents never leave their child.
Supports you during your rough patch.
The dream you see is actually the dreams of your parents, so they are the ultimate motivators for us.
Motivates you, cheers you up, lifts your spirit.
Gives you confidence to speak, as they are there to look after the things.
Provides you voice, to express your thoughts and to influence others.
Parents are actually the best friends of a child.
Considers to be the best friend
Always wanted the best for you.
Provides you a platform where you can express yourself.
It’s impossible to write down all the things, their roles.
And many more, trust me, think of this, the role education play in your life, think of yourself without education, you will surely get the answer

We can see this from the above that the role of the education is not less than the role of the parents, it’s just that education is can’t express its love, feelings and care in words because it’s a non living thing that does not mean it doesn’t care. Just imagine your life without this education and here I’m not talking from the point of view of money only, why anyone is interested in talking to you, that’s because of your thought process, because of your personality. Uthna, baithna,bolna, chalna, society mein rehna, baat karna, tehjeeb aur tameez yeh sab kuch toh haemin hamari education is seekhati hai.

How many of us are ready to leave our parents?

I believe no one
then why we are so desperate to leave the education and waiting for the time when it will come to an end, Education is your second parent and not demanding anything except your respect. Don’t do this, show education that you also care and education will reciprocate it.

Part 2

My second Point

We all must have studied the equations where in we tried to make the left hand values are equal to the right hand side values like


We all know this, common indians maths mein toh tej hote hai
Now suppose we are here on this earth for let’s say 50 years and we studied for 25 years and didn’t for next 25 years then can we put this in the balanced equation

25 years of education= 25 years without education


Equation is balanced but does not it means, jaise aaye the vaise hi jayenge, illiterate, don’t you feel that efforts should be made that your educated life should be more than your uneducated life. But the problem is we don’t know exactly how many years we are going to live, so it’s always better to keep on studying unless and until you are in a situation where you don’t have any option but to leave the studies. I don’t feel the process of learning can never ends, it’s a continuous process and who best can teach you none other than your books.
Its’ always about the belief, maano toh sabkuch hai na maano toh kuch bhi nai tabhi shayad murtiyo mein bhi bhagwan baste hai.

I don’t know whether I am able to express my point or not what  wanted to but at last I just want to make one point that I believe that the day one decide to quit studies will going to be the day one stops growing and progressing. Education does not want anything in return but your time and respect, leave the human tendency of always expecting something in return, just keep on enhancing your knowledge with honesty and you will surely get something in return.

It’s time to say goodbye to

padhoge likhoge toh banoge NAWAB
kheloge kudoge toh banoge KHRAB

And it’s time to say

Sirf isliye nai padhna ki padhai bnayegi mujhe NAWAB
Kyunki main toh paida hi hua tha banke NAWAB
par phir bhi padhna chaunga kyunki padhai hai mera khwab.

                                        Keep on growing, keep on sharing, and keep on smiling