Sunday, 20 January 2013

 GOD’s Grace: A Different Angle

Kabhi Kabhi mere dil men khyaal aata hai ki
uppar wala mujhpar hi jyada meherbaan hai ya woh sabki aisi hi bajata hai

I am not an atheist, I am not a believer either, it’s just I am neutral, yes I do consider that there is some power which guide the Universe, whether it’s my own Karmas or the act of the god GOD or the mix of both I don’t know, everyone has some specific reason for their believe, as I always said there are two important decisions of life

1) Where to born (agar apne haath mein toh sab koi born with a golden spoon hi opt karenge)
2) When to die (May be tomorrow never comes)

So these two decisions shows the human worth on this earth, when we can’t take these two important decision of life then how can we claim that the success that we got or will get in future is ours, but anyways if we want to live in this false hopes that we are driving our life than also it doesn’t matter, akhir mein jaana toh sabne hi hai.
During this life many a times the situations are so worse that you feel to say ki yeh kya ho raha hai and sometimes you are not the reason behind the not so kind circumstances, as they say kare koi bhare koi, so when you find yourself in such a situation of course the only way round is to remember the god but the problem with the God is that he is overloaded with requests, suggestions, bribes and many such other things so the chances that he actually will focus on you is very less. So in this situation you just have to keep yourself calm and to see how the things are going because to be honest you can’t do anything in such a situation. I also went through some very bad time which brings some interesting thinking from god’s angle and from human’s angle which I would like to share

    Firstly I realised the fact that why there are so many God and Goddess in our country, because of we humans, due to excess of work, it’s quite normal for God to be busy all the time, so he is not been able to fulfil the demand of each and every person, but humans are humans, if their demands are not fulfilled they get angry, so these angry humans must have invented this number of gods keeping in mind they all are same but we need variety, so whenever our wish are not fulfilled we say

“rehne de yaar yeh wala bhagwan toh suntan nai, kisi dusre kea age fariyad karte hai, so woh dusra dusra karte karte croro ke hissab se  bhagwan bana diye, we have god for every occasion infact for evry day we have god, Monday ka din shivji ji ka, Tuesday ka hanuman ji ka, Friday santoshi mata ji ka, Saturday shani dev ji ka, in fact we have clothes to wear on special days to impress our god, Monday ko neela pehno, Tuesday ko narangi, Thursday ko peela, Saturday ko kala, even festivals has been related with specific god, holi prahalad ki,dashaera ramji ka,deepavali lakshmi ji ki aur toh aur padhai karni hai toh sarasvati ji ko poojo,paisa chaiye toh lakshmi ji ko and sankat mochan hanumanji, ab uppar wale ko impress karne ke liye itne efforts kare, uske baad bhi uppar wala na sune toh frustration toh aati hi hai, aur ussi frustration mein chalo ji aaj se naye bhagwan ko poojna start krenge”

God must be confused ki aakhir insaan chahta kya hai, aur jaise hamein koi baar baar pareshan kare toh frustration aati hai aisi hi uppar wale ko bhi aati hogi, sochta hoga iss insaan ne toh pareshan kar dia hai, iski suno tab bhi yeh na khush hai, aur na suno tab toh nakhush hai hi. Kbi kbi toh uppar wala kisi specific insaan ki demands se itna pareshan ho jaata hoga ki sochta hoga poore sansar ki sun lunga magar iski nai sununga.
Woh kbi kbi aapne dekha hai, insaan poore din uppar wale ko yaad nai karta but the moment he snizes he takes the name of the god and the most funny one is that I have seen people taking the name of the God the moment they burp “HARI OM”, kya sochta hoga uppar wala, yaar at least burping ke time toh chod de, aisi time mein bhi name lega kya. So things are going on, jase jaise population badh rai hai, uppar wale ka kaam bhi badh rha hoga, but I just want to request if he is listening at least agar kisi ko janam lene ka adhkar de rahe ho toh uski roti, kapde ka intejaam karke bhejo. If life is heaven for me then it should be heaven for everyone, don’t do discrimination ki kisi ko itna choice do ki woh sochta hai kya khaye aur kua pehne aur koi sochta hai ki kuch bhi mil jaaye I will eat and wear.

Part 2
Now let’s come to the Human angle

 Main soch rha tha ki insaan ki chalti nai hai warna woh bhagwan ka tenure bhi fix kar de jaise sarkar ka hota hai 5 saal ka, aur har 5 saal mein bhagwan ko vote mangne aana pade, agar aisa ho toh kya hoga, Human’s will ask for

1) Apna report card dikhao, kitne logo ke welfare ka kaam kia

2) Uppar wala toh bribe ke case mein hi phasa rahega kyunki jis hisaab se insaan mandir aur gurudwaro mein daan krta hai bhagwan ke naam par, uppar wale ko toh yeh income chupani hi mushkil h jayegi, aaye din court mein case honge unke against.

3) Hum aapko vote dekar vijayi kyu banaye, reason do, aur aap hamare liye kya kroge, written mein do.

4) Aap kitna padhe likhe hai, koi case toh nai hai na aapke khilaaf.

5) Bhagwan log bhi manifesto bnayenge ki hamari panch varshiye yojna kya hai, aur agle 5 saal mein woh kya kya krenge.

6) kuch log toh objection bhi uthate, aap hi kyu bhagwan ke chunav mein khade ho rahe hai, haemin bhi mauka dijiye taaki aapki monopoly khatam ho

Game badi interesting hoti, aur ek baar bhagwan unanimously select ho jaate hai toh woh alag hi duniya mein chale jaate, you know the wider gap between the the GOD once they are selected and the people who has selected them, aur jab bhi koi gareeb fariyad karta uppar wale se ki meri yeh demand hai toh uppar wale elected God bhi baat karte honge ki

1) Yeh mere area ka case nai hai.

2) Request is under process.

3) Who is the responsible person to look after this case.

4) Enquiry bitha di gai hai

5) Insaaf milega, bhagwan ke ghar der hai nadher nai

Aur aisi hi 5 saal nikal jaate aur phir log badla lete ki iss bhagwan ne meri nai suni, iss baar isse vote nai dene

Par afsoos aisa kuch ho nai paaya. Par koi nai duniya toh phir bhi chal hi rai hai, log aa rahe hai, log jaa rahe hai.

As I already said I am neither the follower nor the believer but the belief that God is present everywhere gives you a kind of feeling that someone is there who is watching you, who is listening to you and will come to save you at the right moment. The whole world can be consider as a very big family where the supreme is playing the role of a father which gives me a feeling that he is there to lead me, to share my pain and to guide me even if he is not. Belief is a big word after all.

Keep on sharing, keep on growing and keep on smiling