Monday, 7 January 2013


{I think we are living in a society where we can accept multiple relationships of a man but still women are not comfortable in expressing their love for someone, we have not provided them that kind of liberty where they can freely express their feelings without thinking about the society and relatives, so a different world for her where she can freely express herself, her feelings and love.} 

May be one day,
We will find a world,
Where you are you,
And me is me,
Where we both can explain
Who are you,
And who is me.

In that world
What matters to you is me,
And what matters to me
is you,
Where there are no barriers
And no boundaries,
And we both can express,
What I am to you,
And what you are to me.

Why not to lost in each other
Where the world does not matter,
And where
What I want is you,
And what you want is me,
Let’s face the truth
Without me
You is not you,
And me is not me,
Let’s be together
And use the word,
Instead of you and me.