Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Love Is In the Air

Change is the part of life. As they say the only thing permanent on this earth is Change. I also feel change is necessary in life but when it comes to love, I feel it has taken a complete 360 degree turnaround, from the shy love of 1950's to the expressive love of today. We can divide the time period of evolution of love into three parts:
1950-1980 – This is the period of shy love, what we called as “मासूम प्यार” where the girl and the boy didn't know that they love each other, they never expressed their love and were ready to sacrifice it and marry some other guy just because their parents wanted them to do so.

1980- 2005- Then came a time when males became more confident to express and to reveal to their friends that he is in love and like true friends, whenever that girl comes, everyone used to say: “भाभी आ गई, भाभी आ गई”. But, the problem was that the girl could not get for whom it was said. I haven’t witnessed the love of 80’s and before but can say that I was also the part of after 80’s love, this was the period where love was expanding, we was growing after seeing the way how Hollywood people use to portray love.

2005 onwards- Now it is the time of expressive love. Love is now like an essential commodity, like a status symbol. The phase of flaunting that I am capable enough to woo a girl. The social networking sites have given immense power to the love birds to showcase their love on the public platform. During the 90’s, it was the friend who acted like a middleman between lovers and literally used to bring them closer, but now no one needs friends for these stuff, rather social networking platform is enough to declare these things and people are not shy to declare their love publicly because maybe somewhere it helps them to show how beautiful or handsome they are that they have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I am now used to of these kinds of messages on networking sites

“भाई ने लड़की सेट कर ली”
Uploading couple’s picture with a shayari on it and the kind of excitement and happiness they show that you feel after clearing the IPS officer exam and then seeing unexpected kinds of comments on those pics like:

Awww cute couple”
“तेरे से कैसे सेट हो गई ये”
“ज्यादा दिन नहीं चलेगी”

Their heartbreak is also as dramatic and sudden as hookups. I have come across such weird status on the social networking sites like:

दिल टूट गया” or
“अब जीने का मन नहीं करता”
“बहुत नखरे है उसमे”
 and the hilarious part is people are actually trying to console them( god knws how did they get such patience..lolz) I never understood की चाहे मैथ्स के पेपर में फ़ैल हो जाऊ, साल खराब होने की नौबत आ जाए पर उसकी कोई टेंशन नहीं है.

This is called as expressive love, everything is on the public platform, there is no shyness, no one wants to hide because it’s kind of status symbol and I don’t know whether it’s good or bad, change is the part of life but somewhere I feel that one should have purity in love, it is not a thing to be made public and certainly not a thing to prove that I am capable of having a girlfriend. Recently I met one such expressive lover while travelling in the metro, the compartment of the metro was full with people and was so jam packed that it was even difficult to breathe but suddenly I hear a voice:

I ignored it but after few seconds I again heard the same voice
“जानू सुनो तो
I felt that someone is trying to tease a lady in that compartment and decided that if it is true then I will beat this guy today. I looked around to see the lady but the compartment was full of males and there wasn't even a single lady. I was puzzled  and wondered to whom this guy was saying “janu”{You never know that after molesting females may be these kinds of people are now behind males (lol) and may be in the coming days males also need police protection..:)} Then I had a closer look towards the guy’s face and found that he was having a Bluetooth device on his ear and was talking to his girlfriend
जानू लव उ बोलो
अब कब मिलोगी
ओह हो इतने दिनों बाद
जल्दी मिलो ना

There are other things that I can’t share on this platform and again I say that I don’t have any problem in the way one wants to express his or her love but why a public platform, the metro was full of people and the guy was not shy to talk to his girlfriend in this manner. Love represent purity, it’s between two people, why to involve whole world into this? Any ways  I believe as the time is changing at a very fast pace and with changing time there will be more expressive lovers which will provide the amateur writer like me an opportunity to express his feelings. 

                                                                                              God Bless You All