Sunday, 2 December 2012

Everything Teaches You Something

I have said this many times that everything teaches you something but the only condition is that you should be willing to learn. The only problem is that our lives are moving at such a speed that we never tried to focus on the learning part. An interesting incidence also happened with me which taught me some lifelong lesson. I think this is the right time to introduce my closest friend Mr. Bhaskar(no he doesn't have anything to do with the renowned mathematician Bhaskracharya, in fact the number of anda’s(zero) that my friend has got in maths, if he would have opened a (anda)shop, the whole life supply of anda’s would have be taken care of, but I m very proud of my friend because he is the one who is responsible for bringing all the weirdest idea one could have ever imagined and compelling me to be the part of them(practically he doesn't give you time to think, you will be asked to perform your part in the idea). So after passing the senior secondary and before taking admission into the college, we both were searching for a job, suddenly one day Bhaskar called me and said that his brother has arranged an interview with a consultancy, so be ready, he is coming in half an hour and interview will be scheduled one hour from now. No if, no but and the phone was shut, I was not prepared for the interview and the was so nervous because it was the first interview of my life, anyhow we reached the place and were asked to wait, after about 15 minutes, we both were directed towards a room where a lady was sitting, she was supposed to take our interview (she was the owner of the consultancy firm), finally she decided that she will be taking the interview of both of us at the same time, she will ask a question to which we both have to reply turn by turn. Nothing was going right due to nervousness and we both did a lot of blunders but at last she asked us to speak for 2 minutes on any topic.

Interviewer- Can you speak for at least 2 minutes on any topic of your choice?
Jatender- just to play a safe game I said Cricket (In a very low voice with lots of perspiration and nervousness)
Interviewer- Are you telling me the topic or asking for the permission to speak on this topic?
Jatender- I am telling you the topic (with a bit of confidence)
Interviewer- Ok. Go on.
Jatender- Cricket is a game played between two teams each having 11 players.
Interviewer- Thank you for providing such an eye opening statement.
Jatender- The game starts with a toss, the team winning the toss will decide whether to bat or bowl.
If the team decide to bat, then it will be give a score which other team has to chase, if it                 decides to bowl then the team has to chase the score given by the other team.
At the end a man of the match was chosen for his contribution in the team
Interviewer- Even though there are still some seconds to go for the 2 minutes to be over, I would    like you to stop here( probably she was so bored that she asked me to shut my mouth), and also want to thank you for such an awareness and telling me how to play cricket.

I felt so relaxed that gosh finally my turn is over and was happy that now it’s the turn of Bhaskar, Bhaskar scored 90+ marks in economics at that time in 12th standard on which even bhaskar was surprised that how it can be possible and was in different world, thinking himself to be the biggest economist this world has ever produced. Suddenly interviewer turned towards him and asked the same question from him.

Interviewer- Can you speak for at least 2 minutes on any topic of your choice?
Bhaskar- Indian Economy
( suddenly I looked towards him and was like “WTF”, do you even know the word “I” of the Indian Economy, and like a true friend was happy from inside ki chalo meri toh lagi hi hai ab iski bhi lagegi, aur aao hero banne, interview dene jayenge, ab bole beta bole sangam hoga ke nai, huuh)
Interviewer- Good, go on
Bhaskar the economist- Economy is dependent on GDP, and GDP is the total amount of goods and services produced by the people of the country within its national territory.
Then a big pause
Interviewer- What else
Bhaskar the economist- ( there was nothing more to speak, even though I knew that he knows a lot more but due to nervousness he could not, so finally said) that’s it ma’am
Interviewer- That’s it? The topic was not even started and you said that’s it within 10 seconds
OK, you both can leave for now; and wait for our call.

Even though that call never came because we knew that the kind of mess that we both created it needs guts to call us again but after leaving the office, I laughed on Bhaskar for choosing such a topic and then not been able to speak for 10 seconds.
But what’s the learning in this, there is, in fact there are two important learning’s

1) Never choose a topic to speak on which other person also has vast knowledge unless and until you have something different to speak.
2)  Never choose a topic or words just to create an impact that you know things but in actual even you don’t have anything to speak on the topic.

Bhaskar still is very close friend and every week comes up with new ideas on how to add spice in the life. Proud to have a friend like him
God bless him.