Wednesday, 14 November 2012


What Is Life?
Different People
Would Have Answer
This Differently

A New Born Says-
Still Have to Explore Life
A School Going Child Says-
Life Is a Continuous Learning
A Struggler Says-
Life is a Challenge
A Successful Man Says-
Life Is an Enjoyment
A Holy Man Says-
Life is a Search for the God
A Patient says-
Life is a Recovery
A Family Man Says-
Life is to Care, to forget and forgive
A Person on Death Bed Says-
Life is a Continuous Journey

Meaning of life
Depends Upon the
State of Mind
The Way
We would like to See it
So Why Not try to be
In the Happy State of Mind
So That Life seems to us to be
Beautiful, Cheering and Lovely
So Why Not to Accept
New Challenges
Without the Fear
Of Failures
So Why Not to
Travel a Little Bit more
To Touch New Limits
And Lastly
Why Not to forget the word
And to Focus on