Saturday, 10 November 2012


(Situation- A father is on his death bed, counting his last few breaths, he is blind, his kidneys are not working, heart is not pumping enough blood, at this moment he was consoling his child that life and death are two sides of a coin and be brave enough to face his father’s death who will leave them physically but will be by their side forever)

O My Child
I Am Leaving For a While
Close Your Eyes
And Say Goodbye
I May Not Be Present
In Front of Your Eyes
But My Soul
Is Always On Your Side

I Am Blind
God Is Not So Kind
All Around Is Darkness
Where Are MY Children
I Can’t Find
I Miss Their Smile
I Am Leaving For a While

My Heart Says
It’s Time To go
Kidney’s Says
It’s Time To Fall
Legs Are Not Taking MY Weight
What Are You Doing On The Earth
When The GOD Has Open The Gate
That’s Why
I Am Leaving You For a While

I Know It’s Not the 
Right Time to Go
One Who Is Born
Has To Go
Listen Carefully 
Then I’ll Go
Take Care Of Your Sister
Give The Best To Your Mother
Give Your Best
So That When We Will Meet
I’ll Give You a Treat
That’s Why
I Am Leaving You For a While