Thursday, 25 October 2012


Now-a-days whenever you open the TV channel, it’s quite common that you will find one or the other politician doing some kind of scandal, and what is more interesting is that even the relatives of these politicians has now join the gang and giving tough competition to these politicians, but I am not surprised by these scams because we know that ‘Politics’ is no more a platform for social service but over the years it has transformed into a ‘Business’. Whenever a businessman invest money in a business, he is interested in the returns that he will earn over the period of time
So there are three things –

1) Cost- Politicians incurred heavy money that runs into millions while contesting the elections, by the way election commission has putted a ceiling limit and no one is allowed to surpass that limit, but who can stop these politicians, because once elected they will be in the power, once in the power they will be treated as the king and who can stop the king

2) ROI- ROI is normally the return that you will get on your investment, if we go by investment (which a politician incurred during election time) which is in millions and the salary of the politicians which is in thousand than we can easily judge that it will give negative return, so what is the best way to earn positive return is to get yourself corrupt     
For politicians
Investment (Cost incurred) – Return (Salary and other benefits) = Corruption

3) Time Period- This is the most crucial factor because when we make accounts we assume that the business is a going concern identity and it will be continued forever but when we talk about politicians, they are elected for 5 years and you never know ‘Kal ho na ho’ so what’s the best way to earn is to get yourself corrupt, because future is uncertain and if you know that you will be elected and then re elected for longer terms (may be for 10-15 years) then Politician will add salt n flour but when one knows that time period is very less to recover your investments than one will add flour in salt, that’s what all the politicians are doing, to earn as much as possible within a short span of their career.   
As I already said neither I am interested in what politicians are doing nor I want to focus on the scams that they are part of and how many are still to come, what I want to convey through this article is some basic questions

1)  Who is thinking about INDIA? INDIA that has provided us everything

2) What efforts are being done to improve the image of INDIA? (Keeping in mind that we are among the worst countries for business operation and also among the worse to start a new business because there is so much of filling and approvals to be taken)

3) Who is thinking about the Poor’s of this country and please don’t try to satisfy us by the policies that has been formed for the upliftment of the Poor’s because I’m more interested in how many has been implemented without corruption and what’s the impact and result of these policies

4) When politicians are going to take a stand that they are coming to the politics as a business man and not to do social service because in any case everyone knows what you people are actually doing as a politicians because action speaks louder than words

5) When every political party will come and unite and start thinking about the welfare of this country, I think by focussing on regions, religions and casts we are missing the target, while growing up I was told to think big, going by the same concept, why we are not thinking about INDIA, because if nation is growing then everyone will grow (if we leave our selfish motives and think about everyone, distribution of income, participation of Poor’s)
There are many other questions which needed to be answered but I think it’s the time that we should stand united because the kind of environment that has been created with full of scams, debates, fights, allegations, counter allegations we have forgotten about Mother INDIA, INDIA as a country, we have to make our country proud and it can’t be done when our politicians are showcasing INDIA as scamster country with full of red tapism, corruption and illiterate poor people
Some suggestions

One of the most important weapon which can enlighten the generations to come, even though policies are there but still we know how many are enrolled in the school, how many in the college and how many go for the higher studies, also one of the most important factor, are we actually learning in the schools, because in a survey it was found that INDIAN student ranks among the worse among those who cannot read and write english and do basic maths problem.

2) Corruption
Again I am not interested in what steps government has taken, I am more interested in the results, we know that corruption is increasing day by day and even cooks and drivers become the board of directors, so what concrete plan government has to fight this evil
Whenever we talk about corruption one thing that comes to my mind is why not to give the power in the hands of the public to solve the problem of corruption, it can go like this that any person who will bring proof against any government official being corrupted and if proved than that person( who brings the proof) will be given the job of that corrupt official and that corrupt officials will be suspended from the job (of course only after proving the allegations and having the minimum qualification required for that job).
It will serve two purpose 1) problem of corruption
                                          2) Problem of unemployment
It’ time to prove that government job is not the job to be taken for granted, if you want to work, work honestly otherwise there are many more in the line who can work better than you.

3) Gap between politicians and public             
I always feel that the gap between the public and these politicians are so wide that its difficult to ask straight questions from the Politicians, even though media has provided a platform but still if I have to meet the prime minister or any other high government official or minister then it’s next to impossible
We elected these politicians, we make them special than why this gap?

4) Don’t hide
Whenever we talk about GDP of our country, we put the blame on outside world, but I feel being the country of 130 crore, if we manage our demand and supply properly we don’t have to depend on the outside world, of course it’s a globalised world but what I feel about INDIA is that our GDP was effected due to our own policies or we can say our own policies that we never took or took very late, even today what steps we are taking again I am talking about the result, we know that China is falling ( going to get older before going to get young and many other factors) there are many things that still to be explored in INDIA, we can take the place of china, can become the global supplier of labour, services and technology but again the vital question,
What steps we are taking and their results
It’s high time to think about the results rather to satisfy our self with the policy making
Still remembers the saying’s of the ARJUN
That while trying to hit the fish with an arrow, he only thinks about the fish EYE
It’s time to think about the fish eye that is to think about our country, INDIA, it’s time to reunite our self as a country and to leave the habit of ‘JUGAAD” of course that’s our USP but we need to be a bit serious now because it’s best to dig a well before fire turns everything into ashes, even though we are a bit late because conditions has already put us on fire, what require now is to stand as a country and to dig the well as soon as possible because