Wednesday, 17 October 2012


While growing this question usually comes to my mind
Who am I?
What I am doing on this earth?
Is there any purpose of life?

Let me be honest today that this type of questions comes to the mind at the time of failures and when it comes to honesty, then let me make an another confession that I am a very bad looser, don't know why, but whenever any kind of failure happen to me, I keep on thinking about that but thanks to my thinking I am able to analyse one important thing
Just answer two important question, when it comes to living life and taking decisions and saying that it is me who is taking my life's decision then ask whether you were able to take two vital decision of your life

1) In which family to born?(because if it's in our hand then everyone should have opted to be born in a multi millionaire family)

2) When to die?(again a vital decision of life and again I am blank)

When you sit alone and stop your fast pace life, you will realise that actually it is not you who is taking your life's decision rather it is going on its own, then who are you?